Sanaya|Academies – Training to succeed. 

Part of the Sanaya promise is to supply the market with the tools that will enable companies to empower its human resources. Sanaya's Academies have been established to achieve this goal and have become a market leader in several industries and training domains.

Sanaya Academies offer public training courses and tailored training solutions that are designed to fit specific demands and needs of individuals and organizations. We offer:

[*]      Sanaya HR Academy – HR perfected.

[*]      Sanaya Learning & Development Academy –From potential to performance. 

[*]      Sanaya Administration Academy – The right way to do things.

Sanaya Academies guarantee focused and interactive courses that have proven effective to individuals at all levels of the organizational hierarchy. Our specialists have developed a scientific method of evaluation through the acclaimed Training Needs Analysis (TNA). The TNA ensures that the content of every course is customized to suit the unique needs of each client. Sanaya Academy's major asset is a dedicated pool of skilled, practiced and qualified trainers, whose specialties cover all fields of training.


Sanaya Academy’s “Three Approaches to Training Excellence”

In-House Training Courses and Workshops

 Sanaya Academy is willing to analyze the training needs of your company and with your approval of the goals and content of any given course or workshop, we will design tailor-made, customized development programs. These programs are targeted at your individual needs and are delivered with the intention of providing participants with professional and personal skills that will benefit them in the workplace and beyond.

Public Training Courses and Workshops

Sanaya Academy has developed a diverse range of learning topics that deal with current economic and business issues through carefully designed interactive courses. We focus on small groups of attendees from different backgrounds.  Our programs are designed to cover the core professional and interpersonal skills needed to be successful in today’s ever-changing workforce.Sanaya also offers training in partnership with renowned universities and global institutes to target the development of HR skills.


International Seminars

International speakers deliver seminars that are focused on individual and professional growth and development, while stressing overall leadership enhancement. 

Public seminars from well-known and experienced speakers who share their knowledge, professionalism and vision are of great value toward enriching the local market with the highest level of contemporary business knowledge. Sanaya has hosted many reputable speakers such as Tony Buzan and Ron Kaufman, and we are committed to offering more engaging seminars in the future.

Sanaya Academy's Advantages:

Skill Development-oriented: The focus is to train employees to build specific, measurable skills.

Cost Efficient: Training programs are offered in-house in order to reduce cost.

Customized and focused:  Training courses are custom-built to fit the specific needs of organizations. 

Flexible:  Adopting in-house training allows organizations to choose the best training schedules, and thus offers flexibility in terms of time and location.

Our Services

SANAYA|CONSULTANCY – Experts on your side

Sanaya| Consultancy Approach Overview 

Our Consultancy services prioritize the specific needs of our clients. We are able to approach consultancy tasks at three different levels, separately or collectively as needed:

Organizational level:  Craft vision, mission and strategy and cascaded to departments/units 
Departmental Level:  Integrating and streamlining processes,  policies and procedures,     identification of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and cascaded down to the individuals 
Individual level:identification of competencies, job descriptions, performance appraisals/ evaluation, training and development, and retention.  

      In the course of consultation, we follow this path:   

Consult  > Management Style, History,  Business Objectives &Targets , Perceived challenges 


 Analyze> Use of time , People skills  and Competencies ,  Culture,  Customers,  Competitors , SOWT ( Strengths , Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) 


 Develop >  Solutions ,  Culture and New attitudes


 Implement > Strategy, Structural change , Performance Measures , Cultural Alignment  and Training 


 Sustain  > Momentum , Success ,  Employee’s Motivation, Morale  & Enthusiasm,   Incentive and Reward,  Training & Development 

SANAYA |STAFFING SOLUTIONS – People that “fit” perfectly.  

Sanaya Staffing Solutions provides our MENA clients with the top talents across all major industries, specializes in executive search and head hunting of permanent, contract or temporary individuals who want to find where they belong in the business arena. We also provide candidates with employment opportunities that best suit their career path, while providing clients with potential talents who best fit the description and qualifications they desire. Sanaya Staffing Solutions also provides talents assessment in addition to enabling our clients to outsource the entire recruitment process for both permanent and contingent staff to Sanaya, so they will be focusing on their core businesses.

Staffing Solutions Methodology

Sanaya has developed a recruitment methodology that determines clients' needs and expectations and accommodates these by searching for candidates that meet these standards. We go further by negotiating thebest possible scenario for both the client and the candidate, aiming for the benefit of the client and a challenging atmosphere for the candidate. This approach has proven successful and has yielded the results of the candidate search to the client in an efficient time period. Furthermore, this methodology is adaptableto the conditions and requirements of both the client and the candidate as each develops and changes accordingly.